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Doodle3D – Simple Sketching Tool for 3D Printing Goes Live on KS

Doodle3D – not to be confused with the 3Doodler pen – is a simple software based sketching tool, specifically designed by the creator Rick Companje of FabLab Amersfoort for WIFI compatibility with 3D printers. Doodle3D allows people to digitally design and draw via an accessible and easy to use interface on their ipad, phone or computer and converts the results into 3D printable files that can be printed via WIFI to a nearby (open source) 3D printer.

Like so many projects of this nature, the idea was conceived as a result of experience and Rick’s own experience was hampered by what he considers the biggest barrier to engaging with 3D printing, namely 3D design programs. He created this tool for his own use but soon found himself inundated with requests from the wider community that could see the appeal of it. The kids are loving it. The video and the images below are a sure testament to that!


Indeed it seems anyone using Doodle3D can get creative — from simple line drawings to logos, symbols, characters, simple gadgets or decorative art and print out the 3D result. The software also provides sculpting and rotating tools.

For Doodle3D, simplicity is the key — Doodle3D software runs on your mobile device, and the Doodle3D WiFi Box — a tiny and very smart device —connects the device to the 3D printer. There is no requirement to understand 3D design rules, stl files, code etc. Currently Doodle3D is only compatible with open source 3D printers. Testing has yielded good results with Ultimakers, open-source MakerBots and Printrbots, with plans to extend this much further and even investigate proprietary 3D printers such as the Cube and Rep2 if possible.

The Doodle3D Kickstarter campaign has just started and is seeking $50,000 of funding — the software is currently in good shape and being used excitedly and successfully in BETA, but the guys behind the project want to make a “stable release version” and make it available on as many platforms as possible and to as many people as possible.

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