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ParaMatters upgrades generative design software with CogniCAD 2.1

ParaMatters, a Californian topology optimization software company, has upgraded its generative, cloud-based platform with CogniCAD 2.1.

According to the company, CogniCAD is the only generative software product with a fully automated workflow based on in-house developed topology optimization, high-resolution finite-element analysis, and computational geometry.

The upgraded version now provides a simpler user interface, a larger variety of loading conditions, and further supports additive manufacturing with optimization of build orientation.

“With CogniCAD 2.1, users have more options and greater flexibility to create lightweighted objects that meet their design and manufacturing needs for challenging real-life applications,” said Dr. Michael Bogomolny, co-founder and CTO of ParaMatters.

A trailer arm redesigned with CogniCAD and 3D printed. Photo via ParaMatters.
A trailer arm redesigned with CogniCAD and 3D printed. Photo via ParaMatters.

The CogniCAD platform

Launched at CES 2018, the CogniCAD platform was designed for automatically generating light-weighted structures for both aerospace and automotive applications. It operates with imported CAD files, which are analyzed regarding its loading and design criteria.

CogniCAD 2.1 is capable of outputting generative designs that are prepared for 3D printing in both STL and STEP formats in minutes, according to ParaMatters. This upgraded version also includes functional design capabilities such as stress, compliance (stiffness) and deformation constraints which minimizes unsupported areas or supports volume and enhances areas requiring reinforcement.

Furthermore, a 2x calculation speedup has been introduced to allow users to select the desired combination between resolution. Additionally, the designs generated from CogniCAD 2.1 are said to be smooth and watertight. Minimal glitches in the system have been removed by ParaMatters. Prior to this, CogniCAD’s latest upgrade was demonstrated at Formnext 2018.

The CogniCAD 2.1 workflow. Image via ParaMatters.
The CogniCAD 2.1 workflow. Image via ParaMatters.

ParaMatters and Generative design

Avi Reichental, ParaMatters co-founder and board member, added, “With CogniCAD 2.1, users have an enhanced tool that merges advanced topology optimization techniques, computational geometry, infinite computing power in the cloud, and artificial intelligence.”

“The result is a powerful and affordable way to unleash the full potential of design for additive manufacturing.”

In a previous interview with 3D Printing Industry, ParaMatters collectively defined generative design as “An automated and iterative workflow that optimizes data inputs from all available quantified engineering and economic constraints. [This] creates a computationally validated and manufacturing-ready part or product input.”

A metal 3D printed wheel rim designed with CogniCAD. Photo via ParaMatters.
A metal 3D printed wheel rim designed with CogniCAD. Photo via ParaMatters.

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Featured image show parts designed and 3D printed through ParaMatters CogniCAD. Image via ParaMatters.