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Optomec Teams Up with Multistation SAs to bring LENS 3D Printers to France

New Mexico metal powder 3D printer manufacturer Optomec has announced a deal with French industrial manufacturing equipment reseller Multistation SAs to represent them and their 3D printers — featuring LENS Technology — in France.

3D printers with LENS technology are similar to selective laser sintering 3D printers, whereby they build parts in a bed of metal powder.

optomec lens 3d printing

The resulting metal parts are completely functional and have mechanical properties nearly identical to traditionally manufactured metal parts. The printers are primarily aimed at the aerospace industry as well as automotive manufacturing and for medical applications.

Here’s a video explaining the process and showing the printer in action:

Multistation is one of France’s leading providers of industrial manufacturing, tooling and repair equipment with a focus on additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. They distribute machines all over France, other French speaking European countries and several regions in the Mediterranean.

lens 850r optomec 3d printer

There are a total of three models of LENS 3D printers available, the baby 450, the Jan Brady of the bunch the MR-7 and of course the massive 850-R with it’s 35inch x 59inch x 35inch build volume. The technology is also available as a modular Print Engine that can be integrated with new or existing automated milling and machining production lines.