New Zealand Incorporates 3D Printing into Curriculum

3D Printing Systems has reported that the New Zealand education curriculum is expanding and that next year K-12 students in NZ will have the opportunity to use 3D printers.

The new curriculum standard 91622 in New Zealand will give students the opportunity to design a chess piece (nostalgic decision one wonders?) that will subsequently be made on a 3D printer. There is no indication of whether 3D printers will be available on site at each school — one hope this is where this is headed. There is no substitute for getting hands on with this tech.

According to 3D Printing Systems, 3D printing is already changing the state of manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand and it is believed that this new measure will enable up and coming engineers in the region to be taught the skills and techniques that will impact manufacturing dramatically in the future.

It is fantastic to see this first step to incorporating 3D printing into the curriculum in New Zealand – there is no more important place for 3D printers to be, in my opinion. It is not an easy thing to do, it requires investment, knowledgeable teachers and curriculum support materials — and my hope is that this will become a global phenomenon.

Source: 3D Printing Systems