New York City College of Technology Continuing Studies Center Offers Fall Course on Fabrication and 3D Printing

For those living in the Brooklyn area, the New York City College of Technology Continuing Studies Center is offering a course on fabrication and 3D printing running from October 1st to the end of November. Marked at $690 for the course fee, the class meets once a week, Tuesdays, from 6pm to 9pm. As advertised, the college will incorporate a Z Corp Spectrum Z510 inkjet powder printer, a MakerBot Replicator 2X, and a Roland Picza 3D Laser Scanner. The course seems to focus on fabrication methods instead of laser cut-away not only for class material but as their academic approach to the material. The concept of “building up” emphasizes the mindset of creation versus negation. The specs for the machines can be found on the course listing with accompanying images. This model, an academic course, further demonstrates the broad appeal and acceptance of the growing technology and answers a growing need for dispersed education.

New York City College of Technology 3d printing class

New York City College hopes to ”cover the fundamentals of digital modelling for 3D printing, file preparation and output methods for multiple types of 3D printers, and best practices in 3D printer operations.” A link with the course listing provides a slideshow pdf with basic requirements, terminology and introduction to 3D printing machines and modelling. It includes basic tenets of 3D printing that are rote rehearsal for practiced printers but important information conceptually and practically for novice students. With a starting price of $690 for 9 weeks putting the price at just over $75 a class, it may offer an insightful opportunity for those most comfortable in a more traditional academic environment to become acquainted with 3D printing, a demystification meant to give flight to engineering fancy.

Source: City Tech