New AI-powered plastic shredder from Polystruder offers efficient and effective solutions for additive manufacturing

Californian desktop-class 3D printing solutions provider Polystruder has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered plastic shredder, dubbed Polystruder GR PRO

The Polystruder GR PRO incorporates the new ShredAI algorithm, a proprietary shredding algorithm that utilizes AI technology. This algorithm detects real-time material properties and automatically adapts the motor speed and power, ensuring optimal performance during shredding. The Polystruder GR PRO represents a significant advancement in plastic shredding for additive manufacturing, offering efficient and effective solutions for both industrial and personal applications, according to the company.

“ShredAI: Shredding got smart” — the Polystruder GR PRO’s proprietary ShredAI algorithm takes plastic shredding to new heights. By utilizing sensor data, ShredAI intelligently adjusts the shredding speed, motor power, and detects potential hazards, such as jams, material absence, full bins, or open hopper doors during operation. With the Polystruder GR PRO, shredding is safer and smarter than ever before,” said Ali, Founder at Polystruder.

The Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder. Image via Polystruder.
The Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder. Image via Polystruder.

An AI-driven plastic shredder with advanced features

The Polystruder GR PRO is built around a powerful 300W brushless DC motor with a 90:1 gear ratio, known for its ultra-quiet operation. With a superior crushing power of 40Nm, the Polystruder GR PRO effortlessly tackles the toughest plastics, offering a seamless workflow and minimizing operational difficulties.

Distinguishing itself from other shredders, the Polystruder GR PRO showcases a novel design with 19 stainless steel double-sided blades, says the company. This design offers extended blade durability compared to conventional shredders, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and shredding time. With its range of large, medium, and small blade profiles, the shredder effortlessly handles thick materials and solid 3D printed plastic objects up to 25mm in size.

According to the company, the shredder includes an Over-The-Air (OTA) updates feature, providing access to the latest firmware and enhancements by incorporating modern technology. This ensures users can stay updated with continuous improvements and new features delivered directly to their shredder. With a generous 3-liter hopper and a 4.5-liter collector bin, the Polystruder GR PRO is capable of handling substantial volumes of plastic shredding. The shredder is adaptable to various applications, catering to the needs of both industrial manufacturers and individuals with recycling needs due to its versatile nature.

“We are proud to introduce the Polystruder GR PRO as a game-changer in the field of plastic shredding,” said the Founder. “With its powerful AI-driven technology, robust construction, and user-friendly interface, we believe the Polystruder GR PRO will empower users to unlock the full potential of plastic recycling.”

Polystruder GR PRO provides uniform shredding. Image via Polystruder.
Polystruder GR PRO provides uniform shredding. Image via Polystruder.

Technical specifications and pricing

Blades304 Stainless Steel Blades, 10 Teeth on Each Blade, 3 Large Shredding Blades, 2 Medium Shredding Blades, 14 Small Shredding Blades
Mechanical304 Stainless Steel Octagonal Blade Shaft, 304 Stainless Steel Blade Spacers, 304 Stainless Steel Blade Inserts, and Lightweight Aluminum Structural Frame
Motor300W 24V BLDC Motor, 90:1 Gearbox, Speed: 1 RPM – 10 RPM, 40Nm Maximum Torque
Shredding CapacityMinimum: 0.5kg/hr, Maximum: 5.0kg/hr, Optimal: 1.5kg/hr, 3 Liters Hopper Volume, 4.5 Liters Collector Bin Volume
ElectronicsDual Core 32 bit MCU, 3.2in Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, OTA Firmware Updates, 3 Safety Sensors, 1 Power Sensor, 1 Hall Effect Sensor, Safety Relay
PowerInput: 6.8A/115VAC – 3.4A/230VAC, Output: 14.6A/24VDC 350W
DimensionsLength: 337mm – 13.2in, Width: 288mm – 11.3in, Height: 469mm – 18.4in
Weight24kg / 52lbs

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Featured image shows the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder. Image via Polystruder.