New 3D printing jobs at Penn State, polySpectra and MetShape, appointments at XJet, Markforged and more

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Assistant Research Professor at Penn State University

Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Innovative Material Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D) is seeking a new Assistant Research Professor to join the team. The role will involve working with more than a dozen engineers and scientists to plan metal and ceramic additive manufacturing experiments. Additional responsibilities include data analysis (including with ML), presenting at conferences and sponsor meetings, and working with material characterization.

Faculty rank will be in line with education level and experience, but applicants must have at least a PhD in Engineering. Applicants should also have extensive experience in metal 3D printing and a scholarly record of at least three related publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Candidates, who must be US citizens, can apply for the role of Assistant Research Professor at Penn State University here.

Pennsylvania State University. Photo via Penn State.
Pennsylvania State University. Photo via Penn State.

Technical Sales Professional at MetShape

Pforzheim-based 3D printing service provider MetShape is looking for a new Technical Sales Professional to proactively sell the company’s production services and expand its customer base. Day-to-day operations will include the independent acquisition of new customers, key account management, designing the firm’s sales structure, and analysis of market trends.

The successful candidate will have a demonstrable background in technical sales, ideally with knowledge in the 3D printing of medical and precision engineering microcomponents. Naturally, applicants should also be great negotiators with excellent communication and English skills. A Class B driver’s licence will also be essential.

Candidates can apply for the role of Technical Sales Professional at MetShape here.

MetShape specializes in microcomponent 3D printing. Photo via MetShape.
MetShape specializes in microcomponent 3D printing. Photo via MetShape.

Formulation Chemist at polySpectra

3D printing materials developer polySpectra is seeking a Formulation Chemist to join the company at its headquarters in Berkeley, California. The role will primarily involve developing new photopolymer resins for stereolithography-based 3D printing in an R&D team. Additionally, the successful candidate will also work to synthesize photoinitiators and catalysts, implement new quality control protocols, and aid formulation scale-up and improvement activities.

For this role, applicants will need either a BS or MS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Materials Science, with hands-on experience in materials formulation. This includes working in a wet chemistry lab and working with hazardous materials.

Candidates can apply for the role of Formulation Chemist at polySpectra here.

Product Chemist at polySpectra

polySpectra is also looking for an experienced Product Chemist to lead the development and scale-up of the company’s new 3D printing materials. Specifically, the candidate will contribute new ideas for identifying, synthesizing, and testing new molecules and chemical pathways. Since this is a leadership role, it will also involve leading technical discussions for the team.

Applicants will need either an MS or PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Materials Science, along with four years of hands-on industrial experience. Expertise in the development of photopolymer resins specifically for 3D printing is also desired.

Candidates can apply for the role of Product Chemist at polySpectra here.

Lab Manager at polySpectra

Finally, polySpectra is also seeking a new Lab Manager to lead on workplace safety and operational stability as the company continues to grow. The key job responsibilities include enforcing safety procedures, leading safety committee meetings, managing laboratory supplies, overseeing hazardous waste pickup, and maintaining lab equipment.

The role will require a BS in Science or Engineering, along with leadership experience in laboratory safety. Excellent record-keeping and communication skills are a must, while prior experience in lab management and quality control is desirable.

Candidates can apply for the role of Lab Manager at polySpectra here.

XJet announces new leadership appointments

3D printer manufacturer XJet has appointed Avi Cohen as Executive Chairman of the Board while Aviv Boim has signed on as Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, the firm has also expanded its business development team, with Gal Raz now brought on as Business Development Director. The hires are intended to support the company’s upcoming growth efforts, following a year of heavy R&D throughout the pandemic.

Cohen is currently on the board of several companies, including Nova Measuring Instruments and Cortica. He has also previously been an executive at KLA and served as CEO of RR Media. On the other hand, Boim brings a background in banking to the table, with further executive and financial positions at Tikcro, Imperva, and Orckit Communications. Finally, Raz is known for his wealth of experience in the 3D printing sector, with over two decades in the industry and management positions at a number of 3D printing service providers.

“Cohen brings a wealth of C-level and board member experience and will be instrumental in XJet scaling-up the business. His strategic input will provide insight for the company’s growth,” says Hanan Gothait, CEO and Founder of XJet. “We have capitalised on the time during the pandemic to work hard in our labs on R&D, and to improve and fine tune our systems. Now we are ready to roll out and grow the entire ceramic and metal AM markets.”

Avi Cohen, Executive Chairman of the Board at XJet. Photo via XJet.
Avi Cohen, Executive Chairman of the Board at XJet. Photo via XJet.

Alan Masarek joins Markforged Board of Directors

Markforged, a provider of metal and composite 3D printers, recently announced that Alan Masarek would join its Board of Directors as Chairman. Masarek’s tenure will begin following the closure of the firm’s business combination with special purpose acquisition company one.

Masarek, holding an MBA from Harvard Business School, has more than 25 years of experience in both communications and IT. Recently, he served as CEO of communications firm Vonage where he oversaw eight acquisitions, quadrupling the company’s market capitalization to more than $2.5 billion. Masarek has also previously served as Director of Chrome and Apps at Google.

“Alan has spent his career disrupting legacy thinking — exactly what Markforged is doing for manufacturing,” said Shai Terem, President and CEO of Markforged. “His experience building and growing companies that transform the way things are done will be a great asset to us as we grow our customer base and revenue and reinvent manufacturing.”

Alan Masarek, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Markforged. Photo via Markforged.
Alan Masarek, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Markforged. Photo via Markforged.

Essentium’s Darren Shackelford promoted to VP of Service Delivery Support

Essentium, a manufacturer of high-temperature extrusion 3D printers, has announced the promotion of Darren Shackelford to Vice President of Service Delivery Support. The news comes amid the expansion of the firm’s services and support team. In the VP position, Shackelford will lead Essentium’s growth in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America with the development of new interactive tools for training, troubleshooting, and repair.

Prior to the promotion, Shackelford was Essentium’s Head of Service Delivery and Support for a year and a half. He has also previously held positions in global Fortune 500 companies, with experience in managing teams of engineers and supply chain professionals to deliver reverse logistics, repair, and fulfillment projects.

Shackleford said, “While the HSE 3D printer brings immediate ‘out-of-the-box’ value to manufacturers in terms of speeding time to market and impressive ROI, industrial-scale AM is still a relatively new field so best-in-world support and training is key to customer success. Our support extends across machines, materials, software, and services to ensure optimum operational productivity and efficiency.”

Darren Shackelford, Vice President of Service Delivery Support at Essentium. Photo via Essentium.
Darren Shackelford, Vice President of Service Delivery Support at Essentium. Photo via Essentium.

AM GLOBAL establishes new Aviation AM Centre

Additive manufacturing application developer AM GLOBAL has established its new Aviation AM Centre, in a bid to advance cabin interior 3D printing in the aviation sector. The Centre’s aim is reportedly to provide design, manufacturing, and certification services for aircraft parts to meet European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

The Aviation AM Centre is fully supported by the German-Emirati Institute, a recently founded organization built to strengthen industry ties between Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Centre’s opening ceremony was attended by Peter Fischer, Dr. Hans Langer, Bernhard Randerath, Markus Glasser, and Daniel Lichtenstein for a commemorative ribbon cut.

Bernhard Randerath, Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Aviation AM Centre, said, “Airline operations are facing very demanding time and cost-saving imperatives, especially in the current environment. We are very proud to celebrate the opening of this new venture which will provide tailored solutions, efficient processes and cutting-edge technology for airlines and other parts of the commercial aviation industry.”

The Aviation AM Centre ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo via AM GLOBAL.
The Aviation AM Centre ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo via AM GLOBAL.

ExOne opens new Metal 3D Printing Center in Germany

ExOne, a provider of industrial binder jet 3D printers, has opened a new 270 sq.m. Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center at the company’s European headquarters in Gersthofen, Germany. The aim of the facility is to enable customers to try out binder jet technology before committing to an ExOne system. The firm has already equipped it with two Innovent+ 3D printers, an X1 25Pro, and more.

The company’s new Adoption Center will initially focus on the delivery of small and medium sand and metal parts, as well as additional end-to-end engineering services for metal binder jetting. This includes benchmarks, design support, materials development, and process development.

“Now, manufacturers throughout Europe can benefit from locally produced binder jetted metal designs and benchmarks, along with world-class engineering consultation and support,” explains John Hartner, ExOne’s CEO. “We encourage manufacturers to take advantage of the high speed, low cost, and industry-leading quality that our patented binder jetting technology can deliver for even the most complex designs.”

Lithoz establishes new ceramic 3D printing plant in Vienna

Ceramic 3D printing specialist Lithoz has announced the opening of a new production plant in Vienna, Austria. The site, spanning more than 2,200 sq.m., is the second to be established in the city, and the fourth to be established worldwide (with two in the US and China).

Lithoz will use the plant to 3D print a number of its clients’ ceramic products using zirconia, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide, and its CeraFab series of 3D printers – reportedly with higher volumes than ever before. The facility already features a quality management system according to ISO 13485 and FDA (21 CFR part 820).

“During the planning and implementation of this new production site, we focused on sustainability, scalability and reliability,” explains Dr Daniel Bomze, Head of Medical Business Unit at Lithoz. “We are ready and extremely well prepared for the current and future requirements of our customers.”

The Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30. Photo via Lithoz.
The Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30. Photo via Lithoz.

Henkel achieves ISO certification for medical device 3D printing

Chemicals company Henkel has achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification for its Concord laboratory and Dixon production facilities in California, where the firm develops resins for 3D printing. The international quality standard means that Henkel will now be able to design and manufacture biocompatible resins for use in non-implantable medical devices.

Like many standards, the ISO 13485 certification requires a firm to evaluate several aspects of its operations. To receive its certification, Henkel worked with DQS to conduct an audit on its practices and document a report to confirm the company’s compliance. The areas of emphasis included design control, process and production controls, change management control, product traceability, and risk management.

“Achieving ISO 13485 certification demonstrates the importance Henkel places on meeting global business and regulatory requirements for the healthcare industry,” adds Sean Dsilva, Market Strategy Manager at Henkel. “3D printing has immense potential with medical devices, but for it to become mainstream, the additive industry must embrace total quality management. Thus, we want to demonstrate to our customers that we are responsible partners.”

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