New 3D printer materials from 3D Systems, Liberty, Evonik

Adding to the range of 3D printer materials three companies across the industry have just planning new releases, for SLA, SLS and metal additive.

3D Systems launches FabPro Elastic BLK

Leading South Carolina 3D printer OEM 3D Systems has launched a new liquid polymer for its FabPro 1000. Incredibly flexible and strong, FabPro Elastic BLK is made for prototyping the likes of overmolds, seals, grommets and gaskets.

Through use on the FabPro 1000, the material fits into the company’s entry-level offering, suitable for use by small-medium enterprises making their start in 3D printing.

Liberty launches multi million metal powder production plan

UK global industrial metals group Liberty has announced a multi million dollar program for the production of additive manufacturing powdered materials.

Leveraging its expertise, the company seeks to produce speciality steel alloys for use in 3D printing processes. In the long term the company hopes to establish a £60 million powdered metals production plant for the purpose at Teeside, North East England.

Dr. Simon Pike, Technical Director at Liberty, comments, “Currently available powder is limited to stainless steel and tool steel which is high-cost and not that suitable for the additive manufacturing process.”

“[…] we will be developing a new generation of powder alloys with finer grains that provide better mechanical properties making them stronger, tougher and more formable as well as being ideal for 3D printing.”

Evonik launches high temperature polymer with TPM 3D

And finally, German industrial chemical company Evonik, that recently acquired Austin SLS material company Structured Polymers Inc., has launched a new powdered material for high temperature 3D printing.

A new addition to the company’s polyamide 6 series, the powder has a heat deflection temperature of around heat deflection temperature around 195°C, and a water absorption rate of below 3%.

The material has been launched in collaboration with Chinese SLS technology company TPM 3D. Mark Zhao, founder and CEO of TPM 3D, comments, “New, ready-to-use materials that are optimally adapted to the individual printer and expand the range of application to higher temperatures move the 3D printing industry one step further toward series production.”

“That’s why we were pleased to launch the new temperature-stable material together with Evonik.”

Evonik is also currently in the process of building a new €400 million plant for the production of its 3D printing compatible VESTOSINT PA12.

Sample part made using Evonik PA 6. Photo via Evonik
Sample part made using Evonik PA 6. Photo via Evonik

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Featured image shows a sample of FabPro Elastic BLK. Photo via 3D Systems