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MXD3D Just raised $4.3M. Enough to compete with Netfabb ?

Mixed Dimensions (MXD3D) was founded in 2013 by Baha Abu Nojaim and Mo Taslaq. Mo is a serial entrepreneur, gaming addict, interactive 3D passionate and one of the biggest fans of Real Madrid FC and San Francisco 49rs. Baha is the IT brain behind Mixed Dimensions. Those two guys have a big vision to lead the 3D digital content creation and printing revolution.

With the closing of a $4.3M round, surely they are on the right track to make their dreams true. This gives them a good position to compete with Netfabb and the others players who try to streamline the printing process.

In just three years MX3D grow into a team of 30 employees, mainly based in Jordan with an office in San Francisco. Their flagship products are Gameprint.io & Makeprintable.com. The former allows users to get 3D printable models of their gameplay, while the later automatically prepares 3D files for 3D printing.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-14 à 09.36.34

 March 31, MXD3D closed a $4.3M round from Silicon Badia and Zaid Ayoub, the early backers, along with Dolby Venture, DFJ Athena and Alsop Louie Partners, joining them on the round. This brings the total tally raised since inception to $5M.

Makeprintable aims to repair broken 3D files to make them printable. I’m not surprised that it’s one of the first app to find its place on the Thingiverse Developers’ API as the Makerbot platform hosts significant number of non-printable files. Wondering how MakePrintable stands compare to Meshlab, MiniMagics, and Netfabb, I tried to heal my favorite broken file and that’s what I get:


Overall, not a bad result. On this particular file, Netfabb produced a superior repaired file. Hopefully with the new funding and the good work from the team, I’m sure that we will hear back soon from Mo with exciting news.