Modla brings 3D printing to streetwear

Whether its haute couture at the Met’s latest installation, Manus x Machina, on the runways of Germany with Voxelworld, or even the overall future of the industry, 3D printing is undoubtedly becoming a catalyst for an industrial revolution in fashion. One London-based 3D printing studio has taken this technology to streetwear, making a bit more accessible to the public.

Literally pushing boundaries

Modla has become known for their breathtaking artist collaborations and commissions for brands like Nike and Converse in the past. Their latest stunning release features three snapbacks, each adorned with its own unique 3D printed graphic. Each graphic comes to life on the headgear, creating a truly fashion forward statement from a Dali-esque melting clock to an ironic gun shooting a bouquet of flowers.

3d snapback

“We’ve always seen 3D printing as a tool to create art. We’ve worked with fashion designers in the past, to develop highly intricate prototypes, but this makes the 3D print an actual part of the final piece of clothing. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, so we’re excited to see how it goes down. If people like it, there’s plenty more from where this came from!” says Modla Founder, Jon Fidler.

You can make your own

The studio has only printed an initial stock of 100 hats for each design, but Modla is offering the opportunity to submit their own designs, with the best entries chosen to be recreated in 3D and released as part of the range. Open to any member of the general public – designers, artists and beginners – more information about the challenge can be found here. Chosen designs will be featured and sold on the Modla website, with 10% of all profits shared with designers.

Carefully crafted

Those who still prefer Modla’s featured designs can look forward to made to order products. Each snapback is designed in digital 3D software then printed, dyed and assembled by hand. Modla prides themselves on an ongoing exploration into the creative possibilities of 3D printing, combining digital design with art and fashion.

3d snapback_gun  3d snapback_clock2
About Modla

Modla is a collective of independent 3D artists and designers; combining artistic design with technological innovation, to push the creative boundaries of digital 3D design.

Using digital 3D fabrication and 3D printing, Modla has collaborated with leading artists like Dan Hillier, Damilola Odusote and James McNabb, while producing commissions for brands like Nike, Converse, Gucci, Paul Smith, Studio Canal, the London Science Museum and many others.