Mobile Wash Station for 3D Printed Parts

UK headquartered Quill International Group, which is known for its unique infection control units and industrial pressure washers and innovations in commercial laundry powders, recently announced its latest product within the 3D printing product line-up. The new Quill Voque Wash Station Mobile is a jet water cleaner, using changeable spray heads depending on operational requirements.

The company already has a strong customer base across multiple different industries due to the vast product range and they work closely with existing 3D printing specialists such as Stratasys Ltd and the Connex 3D printers. “The Quill Vogue Wash Stations have been an instant success with our customers. We now sell a Quill Vogue with every printer purchased!” commented Andrew Fulton, Managing Director of OPS Limited, UK.

The Quill Vogue Wash Station mobile is quiet in operation and compact in size (520 mm2) and fully mobile.  The unit has a 50 litre recyclable water recovery system, which means the system is totally self contained, requiring no external plumbing or drainage, and therefore totally portable.

To see the wash station in operation, please click the video link below: