Midwest Prototyping acquires Tenere, expands 3D printing services to Colorado

Additive manufacturing service bureau Midwest Prototyping has announced plans to expand its services to Colorado.

The Wisconsin headquartered corporation made this announcement after its acquisition of Tenere Inc’s rapid prototyping division. The acquisition came about as a solution to providing rapid prototyping services for Colorado after custom metal and plastic component manufacturer Tenere ceased its rapid prototyping services.

The acquisition price was not disclosed.

Westward bound

“Expanding to Colorado is an exciting step for Midwest Prototyping,” said Steve Grundahl, President and founder of Midwest Prototyping. “Providing quality service is something we’ve built our organization on, and we’re looking forward to bringing our level of customer service and expertise to a new location.”

A tractor hood created by Midwest Prototyping. Photo via Midwest Prototyping.

Since its foundation in 2001, Midwest Prototyping has seen continuous growth throughout the years including the acquisition of Manitowoc Prototypes back in 2008. However this marks the company’s first acquisition outside of the state of Wisconsin.

3D printing’s new home.

This expansion into Colorado illustrates the state’s continuous growth as a hub of 3D printing technology and services. Late last month, carbon fiber material recycling specialist Vartega, alongside the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association and North American engineering organization EWI launched the Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure Development and Education (AMIDE) Association.

The AMIDE association aims to provide critical resources for the development of thermoplastics for additive manufacturing. Other notable Coloradoan 3D printing organizations include LulzBot, an open-source provider of 3D printer and materials provider, and the Colorado School of Mines which has proposed the use of 3D bioprinters as a way to better study the effects of Glaucoma.

Mixing Nozzle made by Midwest Prototyping. Photo via Midwest Prototyping.

“We intend to continue providing all of the services that were available at Tenere and will be able to introduce the newer offerings from HP and Carbon that we’ve been using in our Wisconsin facility for the last couple years.”

With it’s new expanded services, customers in Colorado are now able to upload files directly to Midwest Prototyping project managers for a personalized quote. Midwest Prototyping expects it’s new facility to provide its customers who’re located in the Great Plains and Pacific Coast with faster turnaround times for their 3D printing needs.

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Featured image shows Midwest Prototyping headquarters. Photo via Midwest Prototyping.