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Meet Ira3D: The Ferrari of Desktop 3D Printing Technology

Ira3D, a young 3D printing company out of Italy, is just starting to make a name for themselves on the consumer 3D printing market with the release of their Poetry Infinity 3D printer, a sleek maroon-colored desktop printer that they’ve just released for pre-order. The Poetry Infinity, which features the company’s wide-eyed, sea creature-like logo brightly on the side, is jam-packed with some pretty high-quality functions. What Ira3D seems to be most boastful about is the Poetry Infinity’s speed performance capabilities, with a high print speed of 400mm/s and an acceleration of 9000 mm/s2, which has led the Italian company to compare to it the Ferrari of 3D printers.

“For our customers and for the market optimizing the time is essential,” said Alessandro Padrin, Ira3D CEO. “So we insisted on the strengths of Poetry2, our previous model, in order to obtain better functionality and performance, through tests and stress of the printer at the top of its abilities.”


The Poetry Infinity is specifically designed to handle the high acceleration capabilities implemented into its design, but that isn’t the only characteristic of the Ira3D printer that stands out to me. The 3D printer features a Soluble Support System (SSS) with a dual extruder to optimize the ability to efficiently 3D print more complex shapes and objects. The Poetry Infinity also boasts an extremely high resolution of up to 15 microns, making sure that each prototype or product 3D printed with Ira3D’s new machine is expressed down to every last physical detail. Finally, I was drawn to the build volume of the Poetry Infinity, which reaches up to 250x250x300mm, quite sizable for its compacted design.


The Ira3D team also has a fondness for material capabilities, and have gone above and beyond to make sure their first consumer market printer was compatible with a wide-range of printing materials, from the average PLA to wood-based, carbon fiber-based, and metal-based filaments. The material flexibility is granted by the high extrusion temperature and closed chamber and the SSS dual extruder, which allows the user to 3D print with two completely different materials in one reliable print process.


The Italy-based Ira3D have also implemented the Phoenix System, which prevents power loss from ruining 3D projects in progress, and also claim to have customer support staff there for your every need. Ira3D and their Poetry Infinity 3D printer should make some pretty big noise over in Europe, and hopefully their dream of building the Ferrari of 3D printers will be a true statement. For now, the young company seems to be on the right track. If you’d like to take a ride in this sports car 3D printer, the Poetry Infinity can be pre-ordered now on the Ira3D website for 2,389.