Mcor’s Vision for Accessible 3D Printing is One Step Closer — with Staples’ First 3D Printing ‘Experience Centre’

The reality of Mcor’s deal with stationary giant Staples, which was announced at Euromold at the end of last year, has recently started to come to fruition. The manufacturer of full colour 3D printers that process standard A4 copier paper to produce 3D models has announced that Staples’ flagship store in the Netherlands has gone live with its first 3D Printing ‘Experience Centre’.

Staples 3D Printing Experience Centre

The “Experience Centre” recently opened its doors at the Staples Office Centre in Almere and will provide a hands-on 3D printing experience where consumers can learn all about the technology and the possibilities it affords. Visitors will be able to interact with Mcor 3D printers, examine full-colour, paper 3D printed models, as well as attend 3D printing presentations and workshops. Recognised as an important first step in the complete 3D printing service that the global office retail giant will offer using Mcor 3D printing technology there will be more to come.

Mcor’s Accessible 3D Printing“Staples is the leading provider of office supplies and office solutions and 3D printing is a logical extension of those solutions for our customers,” said Oscar Pakasi, Business Development Director of Staples Printing Systems Division that is responsible for the development and design of the Staples Easy 3D online platform. “An accessible 3D printing Experience Centre where everyone can become acquainted with this new service is the first step in offering a complete 3D printing solution. The Experience Centre, combined with our new Staples Easy 3D online service, will provide everyone access to lifelike, photorealistic 3D printed products at an affordable price.”

“This is historic – it’s the first time a major mainstream retailer has provided 3D printing to the public,” said Mcor Technologies co-founder and CEO Dr. Conor MacCormack. “Staples Easy 3D and the Experience Centre, both using Mcor 3D printers, is a perfect way to introduce the world to the magic of 3D printing, the beauty of true colour, photorealistic models, and the sustainability of the paper-based medium. I believe that this is the first step in defining a new era in 3D printing whereby the Mcor 3D paper technology will be the solution of choice to provide affordable, full-colour and eco-friendly 3D printed objects to everyone.”

Source: Mcor Technologies

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