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Makers of the World Unite at MakerDays — with 3D Printing

I apologize but the temptation to use Karl Marx’s famous slogan to describe the new MakerDays initiative was just too strong to resist. In fact the comparison is fitting: the aim of MakerDays is to bring together professionals from the manufacturing industries and passionate, creative individuals, to highlight the new possibilities opened up by 3D printing technologies. The launch event took place simultaneously in 14 cities, including New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cape Town, Mexico City, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Paris and Eindhoven: everyone simultaneously 3D printed the three-dimensional Maker Days logo using the 3D Hubs social 3D printing network.

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The main event will be Maker-dedicated and is stemming out of Eindhoven, Netherlands, organized by three local companies: Additive Industries (a professional 3D printing studio), Jakajima (a company working to bring together innovators from many different fields) and Eindhoven365, a local event organizer and media company. Renowned dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen contributed by designing the MakerDays object that will be 3D printed in Eindhoven on March 26th, marking the official start of a multi-day event set to continue through March 30th, at the Klokgebouw building in the Strijp-S district of the city.

The world of additive, digital creation will not be the only “star” of the event, which will include a series of activities such as general manufacturing events, 3D Printed Electronics and Additive World workshops. Maker events by STRP Share, a mini Maker Fair, a Hackathon and the Discovery Factory will all be part of the program that aims to show how new revolutionary technologies and dramatic reductions in costs in development of 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Robotics have made instruments that were once only used by large companies accessibile to anyone: and now anyone can participate by hosting a MakerDays event, just sign up, join and unite.