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MakerBot’s Reseller Deal with A Focus on Camera Accessories

MakerBot continues to extend its sales channels across the US. Following last week’s announcement of a tentative deal with America’s second largest retailer, HomeDepot, the Brooklyn based 3D printer manufacturer has now brokered a deal with leading photography, imaging and consumer electronics retailer, Adorama. The company has a strong online presence and is a neighbour of MakerBot’s with a flagship store in Brooklyn, New York.

This new deal will see Adorama resell the full range of Makerbot 3D printers as well as the Digitizer desktop 3D scanner and proprietary filaments in its store and on its website. Brian Green, Adorama’s Marketing VP, commented that “photographers, videographers and sound technicians are among some of the most prolific users of 3D printing products, creating clips, holders, mounts, rails and other accessories according to their own needs and specifications.” Here on 3DPI we have seen a number of applications that go to back up this claim, and it does seem like a pretty good fit in this regard.

That said, looking at the Adorama website, which also sells a range of other 3D printers, including 3D Systems, Solidoodle, Afinia and Flashforge, it seems that the company is a little ad hoc in its presentation of 3D printing products. The products are currently listed under “printers and scanners” under office supplies. There is a certain logic to this, but it is not necessarily maximizing exposure and should probably have a category all its own.