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MACHINE-SERIES Makes Designer Housewares Open Source

New York-based creative agency ICOSAEDRO has released a new line of open source housewares available for download. The company, run by Italian designers Barbara Busatta and Dario Buzzini, is openly inviting people to adapt and modify designs from their first 3D printed collection, MACHINE-SERIES.

ICOSAEDRO 3D Printing Housewares

The series, also available for purchase, includes multi-purpose cups and coasters printed using the industry standard Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology. This is the commonly used system that heats thermoplastic materials to a semi-liquid state and onto a base plate. A common problem with this method is that products will slightly vary from each other and may display small signs of imperfection. However, rather than eschew the entire process, ICOSAEDRO believes FDM printing can be taken to elegant heights while also embracing the technology’s limitations. Aligning their collection to the Japanese Shibui-aesthetic, the company is one of the few to highlight the unpredictable variances of their products into its aesthetic vision, stating: “imperfections in the products should be considered a sign of uniqueness, and not flaws.”

Moms worldwide have been saying that forever.

While there is currently no repository for user modifications to the MACHINE-SERIES, it shouldn’t stop anyone interested from trying. A link to the their Dropbox folder, containing the designs, can be found here. Happy tinkering.

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