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M3D launches the Promega, its first industrial open source 3D printer

Having previously focused its products on the entry-level consumer 3D printing market, M3D has now introduced their first-ever industrial 3D printer – the Promega.

Based in Maryland, M3D will launch the Promega today on new crowdfunding site FitForLaunch. The 3D printer will be the first product to launch on the website created by M3D CEO and co-founder Michael Armani.

In recent years M3D has launched several smaller 3D printers aimed at the consumer, the M3D Micro and the M3D Pro. The two printers were both launched on Kickstarter with the Micro raising over $3 million and the M3D Pro having similar success.

The U.S company now turns its attention to the next level with this 3D printer for professional use. Although we have yet to see the Promega 3D printer first hand, on paper it seems impressive. We’ll bring you a proper review once we receive a test unit.

Michael Armani, M3D CEO and Co-founder says, “even we are in disbelief about all the features we’ve been able to pack into the Promega.

The prototype Promega machine. Photo via FitForLaunch.
The prototype Promega machine. Photo via FitForLaunch.

Patent pending heated bed

The Promega has a 15.3”/38.8 cm build size with dimensions of 20x20x22in / 50.8×50.8×55.8cm. According to M3D, the heated printer bed is both powerful and energy-efficient. The machine uses a patent pending dual-zone heating system. M3D say this system uses 3x less energy than comparable 3D printers.

Other features of the Promega 3D printer include a dual extruder mixing nozzle, COREXY motion platform, auto-bed levelling, an all-metal frame and a fully enclosed build chamber.

Conception of how the machine would fit in a designer's studio. Image via FitForLaunch.
Conception of how the machine would fit in a designer’s studio. Image via FitForLaunch.

Pricing and release

The Promega will be priced at $3,500. However, initially the machine will be available for pre-order on FitForLaunch for considerably less at $1,000. M3D explains, with the new crowdfunding website, production can begin while pre-orders are placed and expect initial machines to begin shipping within the first month of launch. The company also believes it will be able to ship up to 1,000 machines following the first few months of launching.

M3D CEO Michael Armani explains the pricing of the Promega,

Considering its size and all the features included in this dream of an industrial 3D printer, the Promega would have sold for $50,000 just a couple years ago; now we intend to sell it at $3,500. Our team of engineers were able to innovate the printer’s space and power efficiency in order to help owners fit the most build volume and the most printers in a given space, while significantly lowering their energy expenses.

Developing the Promega machine. Photo via FitForLaunch.
Developing the Promega machine. Photo via FitForLaunch.

M3D Promega technical specifications:

  • Build size: 15.3 in / 38.8 cm build (cube)
  • Printer Dimension: 20x20x22in / 50.8×50.8×55.8cm (cube)
  • Weight: 25 lbs / 11.3 kg
  • XY – 0.6 micron microstep resolution
  • Z – 50-750 micron layer resolution (dependant on nozzle size)
  • Up to 300mm/s motion (typical high quality printing at 45-60mm/s)
  • Heats Up to 300°C (420°C with thermocouple add on)
  • Connectivity: Ethernet with built-in Webhost
  •  USB host
  •  SD Card (for stand-alone mode)
  •  Print from any web-enabled device
  • Runs off Gcode, sliced from STL and other 3D model file types
  •  Compatible with all 1.75mm filaments (not included with printer)
  • Open electronics
  • Open firmware (Smoothie or Reprap firmware)
  • Open software (3rd Party Host Controllers)

For more details, check out the Promega on its FitForLaunch page.

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Featured image shows the PROMEGA 3D printer. Image via FitForLaunch.