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M3D Pro soars past $100K Kickstarter goal

The M3D Pro is possibly the world’s most user-friendly 3D printer that will be on the market next spring. The introductory video shown below proves how M3D managed to reach their $100,000 Kickstarter goal in only two hours. Check out the video and then continue reading to find out more.

We previously covered another one of M3D’s products – the Micro 3D Printer. Judging by that one, I can surely say that the creators at M3D always make it their mission to satisfy their clients’ needs, from beginners to professionals.

So what makes the M3D Pro different?

Source: Kickstarter
Source: Kickstarter

The M3D team have spent around two years collecting feedback from their customers in order to come up with the perfect product. They have tried to eliminate every negative experience any 3D printer user has ever had. Their solution is simple: a full sensor feedback on everything possible. This includes temperature, voltage, current, position, speed bed leveling and more. It is obvious that they have tried to take care of all the technical issues and leave the user with more time to spend on the creative process.

Regardless of the fact that only the first 250 pledges could invest $399 – and the rest pledged $499 – the M3D Pro still raised its goal in just two short hours. The numerous qualities of the M3D Pro that make it so accessible definitely made the project seem profitable and worth investing in. The M3D team have emphasized the importance of embracing 3D printing and understanding its significance for the future of design. Benefiting from its size and price, the M3D Pro is definitely a product that every household is predicted to have in the future.

The M3D has special features

The M3D Pro benefits from a heated print bed from tempered glass, which is a feature that does not come with most entry-level 3D printers. With 80 mm/s printing speed and 150 mm/s for travel moves, it is also the most power efficient heated bed ever made for a 3D printer. Its volume is 191 x 178 x 178 mm (7.5 x 7 x 7 inches), which also makes it the most space-efficient printer, with a full-metal hotend that heats up to 270°C. The printer supports standalone printing from an internal memory, has auto bed leveling, and is also able to resume printing after filament shortage or power-loss – something that is an ongoing issue in the 3D printing world. Overall, it is faster and more powerful than the previous Micro and comes with a two year warranty (the Micro only came with one year warranty).

The most important aspect of the M3D Pro is definitely its accessibility. The “First Time User Tutorial” has been introduced in order to allow backers to work with examples of curated models. They will also be guided through the printing process. The tutorial course will potentially help teach new designers how to print more complex models in the future.

First Time User Tutorial
First Time User Tutorial

As for filaments, the M3D Pro can pretty much print in any material (carbon, wood, or metal-fill) but of course, M3D suggests using their exclusive filaments, which you can find here.

Ultimately, the M3D team has seen undeniable success throughout their three years in the 3D printing industry. With their first M3D Micro – which is often described as the perfect printer for beginners – they reached their Kickstarter goal in 11 minutes. The following success of the M3D Pro only highlights what a bright future the company certainly has in store!