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LUXeXceL Pioneering Manufacturing Technology for Advanced Optics in LED Lighting

Netherlands based LUXeXceL Group B.V received a well-deserved accolade recently when the company won the 2012 Enabling Technology Award for its Printoptical Technology from Frost & Sullivan. Based on its recent research on the advanced optics market for LED lighting, the company’s technology addresses the key challenges to large scale adoption of LEDs in general lighting.

Fresnel Lens and Bulbs in Lighthouse Faroe IslandsThe recognition is significant, as Frost & Sullivan concluded: “Printoptical technology has the potential to become a standard in the near future”. Currently most LED chips are designed to deliver maximum light output and changing LED chips usually means changing secondary optics designs as well. This leads to loss of any existing stock, which means potentially huge financial losses as a result.

Traditionally LED optics are made by using injection moulding, which is time consuming, a costly manufacturing method and often leads to delays in introduction of new LED lighting devices. Frost & Sullivan’s Research Analyst, Shyam Krishnan elaborated: “LUXeXceL’s innovative Printoptical technology prints optics directly from CAD files, reducing the manufacturing time and making the process simpler and less expensive by eliminating the need for expensive tools, moulds or dies.”

This process will cut out any need for using moulds or post processing work and allow the manufacturer to focus on better catering to their customers’ needs. As Krishnan noted: “Using LUXeXceL’s technology, the customer can manufacture optics like Fresnel lenses as well as free-form lenses, prisms, micro-structures, and optical laminates, and complex designs with complete colour graphics and textured surfaces, bringing LED out of its niche bracket and making it suitable for wider applications.”

The company’s target market has so far been focused primarily on LED lighting, however there is a current shift in focus taking place toward working on advertising graphics, digital arts and the manufacturing needs of various industries. LUXeXceL also plans to establish relationships with solar and construction industry manufacturers with a view to enhancing the conversion of solar energy into electrical light.

About LUXeXceL Group

LUXeXceL Group BV, is the inventor and exclusive provider of Printoptical fabrication services, the new digital 3D printing technology which enables prototyping and manufacture of plastic optics for the lighting industry and other applications. LUXeXceL is headquartered in Goes, Netherlands. For more information, please visit www.luxexcel.com , email [email protected] or call + 31 (0)113 224400.