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Leapfrog Creatr Auctioned for £2000 in London’s Oranjebal

In an annual charity gala in London, a Creatr raised £2000 in an auction with renowned auction house, Christies. The Oranjebal gala is organized by and for the Dutch community in London. The auction aimed to raise support for UNICEF’s campaign “we gaan voor nul” (we believe in Zero). The campaign slogan embodies the hope to end preventable child deaths.

This story holds nothing but good news. The celebration of diverse cultures in London, an auction for a wonderful cause and 3D printing raising a large amount culminates in an all-around wonderful narrative.  The UNICEF campaign itself envisions a world in which no child should be lost if it can be prevented: “There is much more work to be done. Every day, 18,000 children under five die of things we can prevent. They die of diseases that can be stopped with a simple vaccine. They die of illnesses that can be prevented with clean water. They die because they don’t have a $3 bed net to protect them from mosquitos carrying deadly disease. We believe that the world can bring that number to ZERO.”

In a side vein, it is once again a noteworthy and understated element that Creatr was auctioned through Christies. Founded in 1766, the auction is renowned for the quality of art and items showcased: Creatr, and by proxy, 3D printing.

Source: Leapfrog