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EOS boss recognised at Rapid 2016

Dr Hans J. Langer, the founder of EOS GmbH, was presented with the SME Additive Manufacturing Industry Achievement Award at Rapid 2016. It’s the 3D printing equivalent of a lifetime achievement award at The Oscars.

The first award was handed out in 2008 and it is reserved for those who have made a significant contribution to the world of 3D printing.

An illustrious career

Langer started EOS in 1989 after serving his time in the trenches at the Max-Planck Instititute for plasma physics. His PhD concentrated on laser technology and he has been one of the driving forces of German additive manufacturing. He was won a huge amount of awards in his homeland, including two ‘Bavaria’s Best 50’ awards.

Working with BMW his company made great strides in stereolithography and then laser sintering. The company discovered Direct Metal Laser Sintering, which has had a massive impact on 3D printing as a whole.

The German company is still a global superpower when it comes to DMLS and is homing in on full manufacturing capability.

Now EOS has expanded aggressively in North America and has opened the iLab at its facility in Pflugerville, Texas. This will serve as a centre of technical excellence and also a joint venture to help drive startups forward with the power of 3D printing.

EOS North America President Glynn Fletcher said: “RAPID is the authoritative industrial 3D-manufacturing event of the year. This SME award is a reflection of both Hans Langer’s innovative spirit and the growth and technological advancements his company has made over the past 27 years.”

What next for EOS?

These are exciting times for the industry. We are heading towards the tipping point where 3D printing takes over from traditional manufacturing techniques and there is now little doubt we’re heading for another industrial revolution.

People like Dr Hans Langer have played an integral part in 3D printing’s fast track to success. He will undoubtedly feature heavily in the future, too.



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