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Kickstarter: 3DAGOGO – A Repository of Tested 3D Models

3DAGOGO – a company founded by Drew Taylor and Josh White – offers a quite novel angle to be added to the spectrum of 3D printing related business models, and is currently looking for some funding from the crowd at Kickstarter.  The company’s fundamental paradigm is to lower the barriers hindering the wider adoption of 3D printing in the consumer segment by creating a repository of 3D printable files that have already been tested and thus validated and will therefore be more likely to come emerge from a printer at least resembling the original 3D model. Besides consumers, 3DAGOGO is also targeting hardware manufacturers, who they see could use the tested file repository as a part of their 3D printer bundles.

3dagogo wrenches Kickstarter 3D print3DAGOGO’s operational model is handled by either creating a new 3D file or opening an existing one and modifying it accordingly even before test printing, 3D print it out, photograph it for evidence and then add it to the model portfolio. In addition, 3DAGOGO is planning to give more weight to the other needed stages of the process that newbies may overlook, including documenting the needed post-printing finishing operations, the settings used, the actual printing time and so forth. In short, their idea is to basically diminish the role of CAD software – and all the other tinkering – in the process of seeing what you like and bringing it out to the real world with minimum hassle.

Another aspect of this service with a view to mass appeal – ie for those with no modeling experience or interest – is 3DAGOGO’s take on the 3D model offering. They plan to focus on everyday things i.e. household items, rather than the get inspired mantra of many other 3DP model repositories. Art and other categories – or at least individual samples of those – will not be disqualified from 3DAGOGO, rather it will have a more bystander status.

The guys behind 3DAGOGO are looking for $5,000 with their Kickstarter campaign and currently a little less than a tenth of that has been pledged, but there’s still plenty of time for them to reach their goal – 18 days to be more precise. You can watch their pitch below.

If you want to take a closer look at this project – e.g. to browse through their planned initial offering, which is neatly listed on their Kickstarter site, hit the source link.

Source: Kickstarter