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Karim Rasheed Now Bundled With Your New Leapfrog 3D Printer

When it comes to product design, Karim Rasheed is about as high end and prolific as it gets. He has designed virtually everything, every type of object — interior, space, furniture, lights, art, fashion — you name it. He has also made a music album and visitors can even make music out of the different sections of his website. Now he wants you to make.

To do that, he signed up with Leapfrog, a leading producer of personal FFF 3D printers. Now seven of his designs will be sold — starting February 21st — in a package deal with the Creatr Dual Extruder, which also comes with six rolls of filament, print stickers and professional Simplify3D™ software. Currently the Dual Extruder Creatr Starter Package retails for €1.999 (plus VAT), with under 72 hours shipping time.

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The deal is part of a new concept that Leapfrog is announcing at the New York City 3D PrintShow, this week, on February 15th, with an event involving the famous Egyptian born Canadian designer. It is taking place on booth 11 from 2 to 3 pm (East Coast time, of course). The Dutch company will also be soliciting other high end designers to make some of their creations available to buy and 3D print at home. And Rasheed is kicking off the new “Designers for Leapfrog” programme.

Rasheed’s collection, which will include a vase, a fruit bowl and a an A.O. High Fashion Lamp, will be characterized by organic shapes, bright colours and a futuristic feel, studied to best fit the 3D printing capabilities of Leapfrog’s Creatr and to appeal to makers and digital artists.

Leapfrog Creatr owners will just have to load the 3D model file into the Simplify3D™ software and press print to get their new designer products, something that in a way may fall somewhat short of 3D printing’s promise of letting anyone create whatever they want.

However it perfectly fits into Leapfrogs declared mission of putting professional 3D printing tools in the hands of a wide number of people at an affordable price. Now, for the same price, they will not only have access to professional 3D printing but also to professionally designed products. No doubt about it, after seeing that object literally come to life in front of their eyes, many new adopters of 3D printing will fall in love with the technology. Then, as the next logical step, they will probably want to create on their own.