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Kabuku Just Became The Richest 3D Printing Service You Have Not Yet Heard Of

The name sounds familiar (as somehow does every Japanese word I hear) but I am pretty sure I had not yet heard of Kabuku. It is a Japanese online 3D printing service that lets designers and inventors post their own 3D printing apps and services to get them 3D printed, sold and shipped. All that is likely to change, for me and for many like me, now that Kabuku just secured ¥200 million (approximately US$2 million) in financing from Cyber Agent Ventures (CAV).

kabuku process 3d printing

The investment money is all set to be used to enhance Kabuku’s development organization and accelerate its service, function and globalization in order to rapidly upgrade the current platform that allows individuals as well as companies to go into production simply by uploading their data to the Rinkak.com online platform.

kabuku process 3d printingAlthough there are already are many marketplaces dedicated to 3D printed creations, the innovation presented by Kabuku is that it allows its users to sell both digital and physical objects, both 3D printed/3D printable products and 3D printing systems/tools; even 3D printing magazines and books.

The six founding members of Kabuku want to implement a network inspired by the smartphone business, where any developer can sell their own applications simply by uploading to the platform. They intend to evolve this model to create a platform where anyone can easily manufacture, sell and ship their own products simply by uploading the 3D data to Rincak. It is worth a visit, you might find it familiar and yet surprisingly different from any other online 3D printing platform you have seen so far.