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Inspired by nature: World’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle



Airbus APWorks’ Light Rider – world’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle – is something new in the market. Not just because it was 3D printed, but also because the engineering is impressive.

Light Rider is the first electric motorcycle inspired by the skeletons of animals. Instead of the traditional tubular frame, the engineers thought in terms of lines of force. The frame is designed so that the forces of the front fork, seat, footrests, and rear swingarm are evenly distributed. All the parts can be 3D printed in 48 hours.

Some key facts on the Light Rider:

  • Produced via Direct Metal Laser Sintering in APWorks‘ production hall in Taufkirchen
  • Used material: Scalmalloy®, a high performance Aluminum alloy
  • Topology optimized frame saves more than 30 % weight
  • Total project time: 12 months from idea to rideable prototype
  • Performance: 6 kW electric motor, 0 – 45 km/h in 3 s, 80 km/h Top Speed, 6 kg weight of frame structure, 35 kg total weight.


Come and take a closer look at this technological marvel, take part in the ceremony for the maiden ride of Light Rider


Application at: www.apworks.de/race or call Angela Grünewald +49 (0) 89 60729149

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