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Further Insights from the Wohlers Report 2014

A quick web search of ‘additive manufacturing report’ will reveal that there is – despite the massively raised profile of 3D printing – still one industry report that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Wohlers Report. As Rachel reported on its release a few weeks back, the 2014 report is the nineteenth annual edition of the report from Wohlers Associates articulating the wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge from the company, lead by founder and president, Terry Wohlers.

The Wohlers Report 2014 is a comprehensive study that covers all aspects of 3D printing, including its history, applications, processes, materials, and manufacturers. It covers developments in research and development, investment, collaborative activities in government, academia, and industry, and encapsulates the industry in a global perspective.

Wohlers report 2014 3d printing

Further insight into the 2014 report has been released by Wohlers Associates, specifically how additive manufacturingsystems for metal parts are increasing in popularity. Wohlers Associates has been tracking the market for machines that produce metal parts for 14 years. The 2014 report marks only the second time for the company to publish detailed information on metal based AM machine unit sales by year.348 of these machines were sold in 2013, compared with 198 in 2012, representing growth of a highly impressive 75.8%.Terry Wohlers said: “Companies such as Airbus, General Electric, and Lima Corporate are using these machines to produce complex metal parts for next-generation aerospace and medical products.”

You can find out more about the Wohlers Report at the Wohlers website.