Inside 3D Printing World Tour Heads to Berlin

Monday next will see the doors opening to the Berlin edition of the Inside 3D Printing event. The venue for the German leg of the Inside 3D Printing world tour is the Estrel conference centre and hotel, which will host an expansive conference programme, put together by Dr. Eric Klemp, who is the Business Director of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center at the University of Paderborn. The conference programme, running across two tracks over both days, has a significant focus on 3D printing developments and applications pertinent to Germany, with international input coming from leading global 3D printing dignitaries also.

Indeed, headlining the conference will be Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President of Wohlers Associates, Inc. Terry’s comprehensive insight into the 3D printing industry based on his twenty five years plus experience will provide delegates with invaluable data at the start of the first day and provide context for the rest of the event — both in the conference and across the extensive exhibition.

With Germany’s recognised pre-eminence for sophisticated manufacturing technology, processes and products it is hardly surprising that a significant number of leading metal and industrial 3D printer OEMs are headquartered in the country. EOS, SLM Solutions, voxeljet, ARBURG and Concept Laser will all be represented across the two-day event. They will of course be joined by global 3D printing company 3D Systems. A host of other European 3D printing companies and service providers will also be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of this technology for both industrial and personal applications. A notable addition to the line-up is the Berlin FabLab, which is likely to draw a great deal of attention from visitors.

As 3D printing continues to revolutionise the manufacturing paradigm for businesses large and small and the individual, interest in this emerging field is at an all-time high. The Inside 3D Printing series of events — taking place right across the globe — is evidently dedicated to bringing industry players and  a worldwide audience together and providing regional opportunities to explore the technologies and its capabilities at first hand.  Here at 3DPI, we are well aware that nothing beats getting hands on with these technologies to get to grips with their huge potential, so we do applaud these global efforts. Beyond that however, the Inside 3D Printing events also provide a platform for discovering investment opportunities that exist bringing together leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, educators and professionals — Berlin will be no different in this regard.

It’s not just rhetoric either, a large number of leading European companies have already signed up and will be in Berlin next week. Covering a wide range of industries, just some of those companies are Rolex, BASF, BP, Bosch, Siemens, Baker Huges, Medion and Volkswagon.

The full speaker line up for the conference can be found here, while registration for the event can be completed here.

3DPI will have a presence at the event too — both Rachel and Davide will be on site so make sure to say hi if you are heading to Berlin next week.