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Is SLM Solutions Looking at an IPO?

According to Reuters, who are relying on two unnamed sources, SLM Solutions, the German vendor of industrial, metal 3D printers has hired the services of Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse ahead of a potential stock market listing. If the sources are correct, SLM Solutions would be following in the footsteps of Stratasys, 3D Systems, voxeljet and Arcam, and would be a 3D printing pure play stock. Like their industry competitors they are looking to cash in on the 3D printing sector boom, which despite the ups and downs has seen 3D printing stocks soar.

Based in Luebeck in Germany, SLM Solutions was at the recent Inside 3D printing show in Berlin, and I spoke with Director Stefan Ritt and CEO Markus Reichlin. There wasn’t even a hint, let alone a nudge or a wink about this. But I guess the cat may well be out of the back now.

The company underwent a majority buy-out last year when DPE Deutsche Private Equity bought a 57 percent stake while the rest of the company is owned by founding partners.

Reuters reports that SLM Solutions has more than 20 million euros ($27.8 million) in annual sales and is profitable. It employs more than 80 staff in Germany and the United States.

Important to clarify that we’re at the rumour stages here, but in my experience with this sort of breaking news, there is rarely smoke with out fire and the temptation must be great for the shareholders.