In(3D)ustry day 1: Retail panel

Here is the panel I was looking forward to: retail and consumer goods. Clothing, accessories and all things consumer related. The panel took place on day 1 of In(3D)ustry, an advanced additive manufacturing global hub event held in Barcelona from June 21st to the 23rd.

Let’s have a look at what they had to show us!

The Speakers

Danit Peleg

Danit designed the world’s first 3D-printed fashion collection printed at home. For this she made a fascinating research and development process. Her story is inspiring, and so is her fashion.

Danit Peleg 001

Danit Peleg 016

Danit Peleg 022

Danit Peleg 024

Danit Peleg 037

Danit Peleg 039

Juan-Carlos Dursteler – Chief Innovation Officer at Indo International S.A

Juan-Carlos specializes in Innovation Management, managing Research and Development, European Research Projects, Optics and Ophthalmic Optics as well as Information Visualisation & Computer graphics. 3D Printing, flexible manufacturing, Selective Laser Sintering.

Juan Carlos Dursteler 003

Juan Carlos Dursteler 013

Juan Carlos Dursteler 015

Luis Baldez – WW Solutions & Partners Lead for 3D Print Business

Luis is the Experienced Research & Development Program Manager for new, innovative product and technology developments. He has broad experience in forming and leading high performance multi-disciplinary teams, while creating a positive, motivating working atmosphere. Luis has technical breadth and depth across a wide range of topics, excelling in 3D printing, digital electronics and embedded software.

Luis Baldez 001

Luis Baldez 019

Luis Baldez 023

Bernat Cuní

Experienced designer and researcher in several fields of industrial design, eco-design and design entrepreneurship, Bernat is currently engaged in experimenting the fields of generative design, creative coding and rapid manufacturing.

Bernat Cuni 002

Bernat Cuni 004

Stay tuned for more coverage of the event! You can see more here and here.