Improve the 3D Printed ELF Drone and Win Your Own

In celebration of the launch of ElecFreak’s new ELF VRDrone (now live and thriving on Indiegogo), YouMagine is challenging you to improve their ELF design.

The ELF is a small drone that streams HD video that you can control using a smartphone app. The camera has 720p HD and the drone itself is made with 3D printed parts. Elecfreaks and the Shenzhen-based team of engineers that developed the ELF are excited about the fact that all of the hardware and software of the drone are open source. This means that the ELF community can continue to innovate and improve the ELF’s performance and design.


As a reward for making a better drone than they did, they are giving you three of their ELF VRDrones for first place, and one each for the two runner-ups. Interesting strategy, acknowledging that designs can always be improved, and that everyone has their own ideas of how to improve them. And aren’t we all for the spirit of communal creativity?!


To get this open source creative wave started, here are the rules, criteria, and deadlines for the contest:

  • Post your design on YouMagine with the tag “ELF Drone Contest”
  • All work must be original and made available under an open source license via YouMagine.
  • The winners will be chosen according to 3 main criteria: Originality, printability, and to what extent the design improves the ELF drone in making it more functional or by extending the drone’s functionality.
  • The contest ends on the 1st of May.
  • The winners will be announced on the 3rd of May.
  • Winners will receive their prizes in July as the ELF ships.
  • First place: 3 ELF drones. Second: One. Third: One.

To help you get started, the ELF team has a two=part tutorial on 3D printing design tips for FDM printers.  These basic tutorials will also benefit anyone interested in 3D printing and engineering, even if you aren’t entering the contest.  If you decide to enter, you can download and print the ELF drone parts here from YouMagine.

Good luck!