iMakr to open 40 3D printing stores with Global Franchise Scheme

iMakr, a global reseller of 3D printers, scanners and services, has announced that it is franchising beyond flagship locations in London and New York.

By the end of 2018, the newly announced Global Franchise Scheme aims to open 20 new stores, with the same again in 2019. All franchisees will be fully backed by support from the iMakr brand, systems, products and expertise.

Customers check out iMakr's latest stock, the ORLAS CREATOR, in the store in Farringdon. Photo by Tony Arnaud
Customers check out iMakr’s latest addition, the ORLAS CREATOR metal 3D printer, at their London store. Photo via iMakr.

A wide-reaching portfolio

This year, iMakr is celebrating its fifth birthday. Its first store, from which it sells and provides demos/training for 3D printers, scanners and software, was established in the heart of London near Farringdon Station in 2013.

The Global Franchise Scheme has been announced following the launch of the STARTT sub-$100 desktop 3D printer, and the addition of OR Laser’s ORLAS CREATOR metal 3D printer to the company’s portfolio earlier this year.

With the addition of the ORLAS CREATOR iMakr's portfolio now includes systems from all 3D printing materials classes. Photo by Tony Arnaud
With the addition of the ORLAS CREATOR, iMakr’s portfolio now offers all material classes – polymers, metals and ceramics. Photo via iMakr.

Fulfilling the global demand for desktop 3D printers

According to the official release, in the past two years the company has grown by 150% through providing “an ability to deliver innovation, an unparalleled engineering expertise and a true understanding of the 3D printing industry.”

Eric Savant, CEO of iMakr, comments, “With our five years of experience, we believe that customers require local expertise and access to innovation to get the most out of 3D printing and this franchise scheme satisfies both those requirements.”

iMakr helped artist Toby Ziegler create his Slave sculpture series for the NewArtCentre Salisbury. Photo via iMakr
iMakr helped artist Toby Ziegler create his Slave sculpture series for the NewArtCentre Salisbury. Photo via iMakr

Sylvain Preumont, iMakr Chairman and Founder, adds, “Desktop 3D printer shipments are expected to rise to over 6.7 million units in 2020 according to Gartner, 15 times the level of 2016,”

“We intend to support our franchisees to capture this tremendous potential.”

Entrepreneurs, 3D experts and businesses interested in joining the Global Franchising Scheme can apply by expressing their interest here.

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Featured image shows a recent event inside the iMakr store in London. Image via iMakr.