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If this is a “Valid” 3D Printing Strategy, I’ll Eat My Hat!

An ‘interesting’ (to put it politely) press release from Quantum International Corp today sees the self-styled, US-based innovation company jumping on the 3D printing bandwagon. The premise for this press release, entitled ‘QUAN Validates Its Strategy As Apple Contemplates 3D Printing’, following a very similar one only a few days ago, highlights a rumour that “Apple [is] reportedly looking into acquiring a 3D printing company.” I can find no other current or relevant source for this rumour though, and am highly suspicious. From this initial statement, the release goes on to state that, as a result, Quantum International Corp “is well positioned for growth as it continues exploring the innovative three-dimensional printing technology for the manufacturing of its iPad case.”

They are using the tech for concept development and prototyping (from the previous press release) but are stressing and restressing that they are now looking at it for manufacturing. They’re not DOING it though.

The CEO, Robert Federowicz, goes on to say this: “If Apple is considering 3D printing, we should be considering 3D printing. We have been watching the trend in 3D printing for a while and now it is becoming mainstream, with a prospect of becoming the next industrial revolution.”

Then there’s a host of [cough] facts and figures.

While not unexpected, this is the sort of stuff that just makes me want to scream. I didn’t. It’s quite patently written and posted for investors and traffic. So much so that I am not going to link to the source. You can search it if you wish. You’ll find it fast. If I were you though, steer clear, which was the reason I wrote this!

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