H and H 3D plastics launch new industrial sized filament spools

U.S based filament manufacturer H and H 3D Plastics is launching a new line of industrial sized spools to facilitate the growth of large format 3D printing.

“If you’re producing a 3D print which takes 48 hours or more – and many of our clients already are – you simply don’t want to keep switching out your material two, three or four times a day,” said Shane Huffman, Managing Partner at H and H.

“By providing industrial sized PETG and PLA, made in the United States, we are moving forward with our goal of providing solutions to existing issues within the additive manufacturing space.”

2.85mm Natural PETG filament XL 3.5kg Spool. Photo via H and H 3D Plastics.

The need for industrial filament spools

A much generalised term, large format 3D printing encompasses a range of different sized systems, from those with a build volume larger than the average desktop machine to significantly larger systems like those provided by BigRep, Titan Robotics and re:3D. Though many of these systems favor pelletized extrusion for its higher deposition speeds, a market remains for those larger-than-average 3D printers that still rely on filament.

To meet this need H and H will now be release XL 3.5kg spools, alongside its 1kg and 1lb rolls. The new line of XL filaments include Black and Natural PETG, with the 3.5kg filament spools made available via the company’s Amazon store.

“We have been manufacturing PETG material for one of the world’s leading AM brands for some time now, and we supply many of the country’s top businesses and universities with PLA,” said Zach Lichaa, a Managing Partner with H and H 3D Plastics.

“It is clear from our own research, as well as consultations with our clients, that larger filament reels can help fill a growing need in the industry.”

A wide range of filaments

H and H’s 3.5kg spools of PETG and PLA filament will come in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm (3mm) diameters. Custom sized spools of PLA and PETG, larger than 3.5kg, will also be made available to customers.

“We believe the integration of additive manufacturing into existing supply chains will continue to grow,” said Lichaa.

“To assist that transition we’re making high quality materials available to industrial partners so that they can continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3d printing, making everything from furniture to agricultural piping to autonomous vehicles.”

Objects made with the H and H line of 1kg PLA 3D printing filaments. Photo via H and H 3D plastics.

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Featured image shows the H and H line of 1kg PLA 3D printing filaments. Photo via H and H 3D plastics.