Great Gift for Biker Dads: 3D Printed Eyewear Compartment

Nothing is more heartwarming than a father and child riding their motorcycles together.  An experience that not all of us can relate to, I’m sure, but, for one Yamaha R1 Club user named Muff, motorbike rides are a regular bonding exercise.  So, when Muff noticed that, whenever dad would throw on his helmet before taking off on his Yamaha XJR 1300, he’d have to place his glasses somewhere, twice needing them replaced after they slipped from the bike’s tank/handlebar area. And, while Muff had seen other bikers attach their glasses to their handlebars, this Yamaha rider sought out a more suitable solution.
muff 3D printed glasses compartment for biker

As a result, Muff designed a simple and lightweight compartment for containing glasses. Laser sintered in white nylon, the resulting compartment is weather and stress-resistant with a thickness of .1 mm and what Muff believes to be very fine contours.

muff 3D printed yamaha glasses compartment

The compartment is attached to the handelbars of the bike through four M5x25 V4A two M5x16 V4A screws and Muff has added two 4mm holes to drain rain water. To ensure that stored glasses are not damaged, the screws are hidden in a shell, so as to not come in contact with the eyewear.

painted 3D printed yamaha glasses compartment

Muff, then, had the piece primed and painted, resulting in a sleek and practical device for any visually impaired biker. Now, Muff is looking for a 3D printable gadget for Muff’s own Yamaha R1, so if you can think of anything, head over to the R1 forum and help a user out.

3D printed yamaha glasses compartment mounted