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Good News Out of Florida! Mcor Technologies Signs ALLAXIS As 3DP Reseller

Mcor Technologies has signed ALLAXIS 3D Printers as its newest authorized reseller in Florida. Mcor is the manufacturer of the only line of desktop paper-based 3D printers in the world and recently won the 3D Printshow’s Brand of the Year Award. The announcement should solidify Mcor’s presence in the southeastern region of the US. With full colour paper-based printing, Mcor offers ALLAXIS a heavily marketable 3D printing option as the industry expands in the district.

Signing with Mcor was a natural fit for Jupiter, Florida based company. ALLAXIS has 25 years of experience working with Computer Aided Design systems, large format plotters, and scanners. The established reputation in the CAD market provides a seamless augmentation of 3D printing. Both parties have expressed excitement for the new deal.

mcor Reseller ALLAXIS 3D Printers

“We are especially excited about introducing 3D printing to the commercial printing and reprographics markets, among the other common vertical segments,” said Alex Lorenzo, CEO of ALLAXIS 3D Printers.  “We believe, with Mcor 3D printers, the crossover to 3D printing will be a very natural progression for these industries because Mcor 3D printers use the three main elements printing and reprographic bureaus are very familiar with: color, paper and ink.  With Mcor 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D modeling software, we believe Mcor 3D printers will be the first choice for commercial printing and reprographic companies wanting to offer this exciting new technology known as 3D printing. I couldn’t have dreamed for a better opportunity”.

“We are delighted to welcome ALLAXIS 3D Printers to the Mcor reselling family,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “Their deep expertise in CAD, scanners and digitizers, gives them a unique advantage from which many new 3D printing business opportunities will emerge.”

Delight and excitement seem appropriate for ALLAXIS and the eco-friendly Mcor. If numbers reported are accurate, Mcor has seen a partnership increase of over 1000% and a resulting sales growth of 600% since July 2012. For durable, stable, tactile models produced by the paper-based 3D printers, it should mean better news for these new partners in their now tethered future.