Ginormous 3D Printed Rolex for the Giant in Your Life

At seven inches wide, you would need really, really big wrists to fool anyone into thinking this 3D printed Rolex is the real deal. But, hey, a fake Rolex is a fake Rolex, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s made of plastic and a quartz clock movement.

giant 3D printed rolex with small rolex

Thingiverse user Francfalco has designed what he called a Massive Divers Watch Desk Clock, another way of saying “don’t sue me” in legalese. Of course, it wouldn’t be hard to model a quick Rolex logo onto the clock face, but the design is so iconic that you really don’t even need it in order for anyone to figure out what “brand” your clock is.

3D printed rolex

Before you run to warm up your 3D printer, be warned that this project is probably not for a beginner without a good amount of 3D printing experience. The Rolex-ish clock has 131 individual parts, including all of the individual band links, watch hands, numbers, and dial dots. And they will all need to be hand-assembled with super glue. Francfalco printed his version out on his MakerBot and Ultimaker 2, so if you don’t have one of these machines, you may need to play around with the files and make them fit on your printer properly.

giant 3D printed rolex watch

Francfalco said that the project required over thirty hours of printing time and more than 50 meters of 3.0 PLA filament. He used Faberdashery brand PLA in Bling Bling Gold, Robot Silver, and Classic Black. He suggests that you print with at least a 0.2mm layer thickness. And, of course, he is kind enough to include detailed printing and assembly instructions.