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Getting Real – The Form 1 3D Printer Produces a Mould

Formlabs dropped me a line last night highlighting that things really are ramping up with the Form 1 3D printer. And it is in the form of an application — and a lovely one at that.

One of FormLab’s team members — Sivan — enjoys designing and 3D printing things for kids. Her latest design is a ‘medal of bravery’ for children that have had to undergo a blood test — never nice as an adult, but quite scary for children. A distraction is often the order of the day.

Sivan’s ‘medal’ design is a rubber unit that can be threaded on to the tourniquet that fastens around the child’s arm to apply pressure to make taking the blood easier. Due to the pressure on the arm, at the end of the test, the rubber medal leaves a cheering bravery mark imprinted on the child’s skin.

Obviously the Form 1 does not print rubber but it was used to produce a mould which was used to cast silicone prototypes. It is still in the development phase but as you can see in the images the results with the prototypes are looking great and the detailing is superb.

Great app and great demo of the Form 1.

FormLabs will be demonstrating the Form 1 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January. [Booth 35160]

Source: FormLabs and Sivanym

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