3D Printing

Get all Your Questions on 3D Printing Answered by QA Limited

In this still very early phase of 3D printing evolution learning, teaching and generally spreading the knowledge of 3D printing technologies is the first and foremost necessity for every one involved, both those who are inside the industry and want it to grow, and those who are outside and do not know hot to get involved.

In the UK, when companies want their employees to learn about something they often turn to QA, one of the national leading learning companies. QA offers over 1500 training courses, on subjects spanning from Microsoft Office to management and leadership. Now QA is going to teach companies and their employees about 3D printing and to do it, it signed a partnership with another firm that has extensive experience with it: Object Form.

Object Form is a tech start up that specializes in all aspects of 3D printing, from actual 3D printing to 3D design, 3D networking and 3D consultancies. It is also working on a 3D Store and – of course – 3D training. The partnership between the two companies sprouted four courses aimed at both business leaders and technicians, spanning across different levels of expertise.

The first level will be a one-day course called “The Business Opportunities and Impacts of 3D Printing” and will focus on giving businesses an accurate description of the available technologies, explain the changes in manufacturing that are taking place and the global and environmental impacts that will derive from them.

The other courses will outline the history and actual functioning of desktop 3D printers. They are directed at technicians and will be offered via another one day session called “Fundamentals of 3D Printing”. It will provide a first approach to the way basic 3D printers work and provide the base for the following course, titled “Understanding 3D Printing,” with an emphasis on the history of 3D printing and outlining how to use and troubleshoot a desktop 3D printer. Moving on to the final five day course, “Advanced 3D Printing,” attendees will get access to 3D modelling techniques, desktop filament extruders and begin to familiarize themselves with a host of different materials.

“3D printing is a new and exciting technology that will revolutionize manufacturing processes and significantly impact a huge range of industries as well as domestic consumers and will serve as another component in the engine of the circular economy,” commented Adrian Jakeman, head of IT training at QA, who also said he was delighted about the newly formed partnership, that will bring the company’s customers access to a wide range of strategic information to make 3D printing part of their business models.