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Geomagic Studio 2013 – More Speed and Customisation

Geomagic has released an upgraded version of its 3D data processing software – Geomagic Studio 2013. Conceived to enable a smooth transition from 3D scan data into accurate surface, mesh and 3D CAD formats, the latest version of Geomagic Studio brings enhanced speed and customisations. Users can save precious time by using the command line version and create macros and scripts without a graphic UI – making the execution of the commands faster. In line with the current technology leaning towards open-source, Geomagic 2013 also offers higher platform exposure, which translates to the user being able to write custom functionalities within the software.

There are of course also other new features and small tweaks within the 2013 version of the solution, but the general intent and mission behind this key offering from Geomagic remains the same: ”Our goal is to push the envelope with every software release, to help our customers move faster, produce better products, and lower operating and manufacturing costs. Geomagic Studio 2013 is no exception. It’s the ultimate. If you use reverse engineering of physical objects in your process, if you design products from existing parts, if you need to surface complex models created in other programs for downstream manufacturing or do rapid prototyping, you won’t get more accurate 3D models anywhere”, states Geomagic’s Senior Product Manager Kevin Scofield.

Ready to order? You will need to be patient and wait for the holidays to pass first – Geomagic Studio 2013 will be available as part of the holy trinity of computational and 3D printing hardware and software at the end of January 2013. After the release a free trial version will also be available for download.

Curious for more detailed information on Geomagic Studio 2013 – then head to the source link for additional specs and key features of the software.