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3D Print Barometer — To Print or Not to Print

One of the often overlooked realities about 3D printing is that it cannot print anything and everything. So even while 3D Printing tech continues to improve and become an even greater value proposition for many companies that work to engineer better products, without experience identifying the parts that can truly benefit from 3D printing can be difficult.

Materialise has been working on a solution for this problem and has just announced the launch of the 3D Print Barometer: an application to test different parts according to size, functionality, series size, etc., and score the added benefit that 3D Printing can offer. 3D Print Barometer aims to cut through the hype surrounding 3D printing and identify where this technology can really prove advantageous.

3D Print Barometer helps manufacturers to identify plastic components that can benefit from 3D Printing. The app can be used online through a browser or can be downloaded for use on an iPad.

Source: 3DPrintBarometer.com

3D Print Barometer