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GE Additive ramps up simulation capabilities with GeonX acquistion

Adding to a string of 3D printing deals made in recent years, GE Additive has acquired simulation software developer GeonX. Full details of the partnership will not be disclosed, though it does mean that the company’s proprietary Virfac (Virtual Factory) product will now be integrated into the GE Additive family, complimenting the company’s other acquisitions and partnerships.

Mohammad Ehteshami, vice president and general manager at GE Additive commented,

“We’re delighted to welcome GeonX to the GE Additive family.”

Predicting accidents before they happen

Virfac is GeonX’s simulation solution for engineering practice both in and outside of additive manufacturing. With the software system, engineers can predict and assess residual distortions, stresses and the metallurgy/quality of a part before it is manufactured in a chosen way.

Virfac Additive Manufacturing is particularly suited to the assessment of parts made using either selective laser melting (SLM), as adapted by Concept Laser, or additive layer manufacturing (ALM).

With this solution, Geonx targets high value industries including aerospace, automotive and energy.

The "Virfac Products Matrix" Image via Virfac
The “Virfac Products Matrix” Image via Virfac

The digital transformation 

Such a system, which is also capable of simulating the meltpool of powdered alloys, will be an asset to GE Additive’s product portfolio that now includes the large-scale ATLAS 3D printer from Concept Laser. 

Ehteshami adds, “As a business, GE Additive is committed to accelerating the additive manufacturing industry,”

“Innovative simulation software solutions like Virfac do just that by adding real value to our customers who want to speed up product design and development, while maintaining the best possible quality.”

Laurent D’Alvise and Michel Delanaye, co-founders and CEOs, GeonX commented, “GE Additive is the innovator in the additive manufacturing sector and we’re thrilled to join the team. Software is of course integral to digital transformation, so we are equally excited to be part of GE’s Digital Industrial journey.”

Simulation of an SLM meltpool in the Virfac platform. Image via GeonX
Simulation of an SLM meltpool in the Virfac platform. Image via GeonX

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Featured image shows (pictured from left to right:) Michel Delanaye, co-founder and CEO, GeonX, Mohammad Ehteshami, Vice President and General Manager, GE Additive, Laurent D’Alvise co-founder and CEO, GeonX. Photo via Business Wire