Free 3D Printable of the Week: Batman

I’ve heard from at least one IP lawyer that 3D printing means the end of IP for physical products, in at least the form that we’re used to it. And the technology is already making it possible for digital artists the world over to create their own 3D printable models of what would typically be licensed content.  While there are companies out there striving to bring legit IP into the world of 3D printing, there are those who just want to release their designs on the world, regardless of who owns the original rights.  Among them is Sketchfab user milostutus, who has designed a beautifully crafted Batman figure with ZBrush.

Download him, print him out, and keep an eye on milostutus for more 3D printable designs.  This user has only recently begun adding models to Sketchfab, but I sense a lot of potential.