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Formlabs Releases Grey Resin Material

The Formlabs team has just announced that after months of “fine-tuning to perfection”, it is expanding its 3D printing material options for the Form1 3D printer and has released the Grey Resin.

grey resin thin Formlabs 3D Printing

Similar to the Clear resin, which to date was the only material Formlabs supplied for its hi-res 3D printer, this new material has properties engineered for fine detail and functional prototyping. Formlabs reports that Grey’s tensile strength and Young’s Modulus are similar to that of ABS plastic when post cured, and promise an official datasheet is coming soon. What they do say, in this initial announcement, however, is that the neutral colour allows users to carefully inspect fine details and the matte finish is suitable for immediate presentation or to serve as a base for painting.

Formlabs believe that this material release brings versatility for anyone printing with the Form1 to experiment with complex geometries, finishing, and lighting. Moreover, the newest version of PreForm Software is already configured with menus to select the print material of choice.

The Grey material can be purchased from the Form Store for $149, with shipping due to start in three weeks. Priority will be afforded to customers who already have a Form 1.

The team is also promising more to come for their proprietary “3D printing ecosystem,” which seems to be the term ‘de jour’!


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