FITNIK to bring FIT’s 3D printing services to Russian engineering

German 3D printing service bureau FIT AG has announced the establishment of a joint service bureau company with NIK, a Russian engineering firm.

The joint venture, named FITNIK, will produce 3D printed components from a new plant in the Russian city of Zhukovsky.

FIT offers R&D of complex metal parts. Photo via FIT.
FIT offers R&D of complex 3D printed metal parts. Photo via FIT.

A “robust manufacturing process” for NIK

NIK is a company consisting of around 500 aircraft engineering specialists. It provides engineering and consulting services, specialising in the aerospace industry.

Alexander Korneev, CEO at NIK stated that the joint venture would create a “robust manufacturing process” and allow the company to incorporate “the entire chain of product creation with the help of additive technologies.”

Korneev also emphasized the advantage of being able to design and rapidly manufacture parts “according to the customer’s specifications” and the effective “production implementation” that would come with additive manufacturing.

NIK's engineers previously worked on a number of aerospace projects, including the Buran space shuttle. Photo via Buran.
Some of NIK’s engineers previously worked on a number of aerospace projects, including the Buran space shuttle. Photo via Buran.

Raising the Iron Curtain

The proposed FITNIK production site at Zhukovsky is an important R&D location in Russian aviation. The location will allow existing aircraft engineering expertise to be combined with the new additive manufacturing capabilities. Production at the Zhukovsky site is expected to commence within two years.

Carl Fruth, founder and CEO of the FIT Group, added that the deal would benefit FIT with “access to many target markets” and “the opportunity to offer our international customers qualified additive engineering at very competitive prices.”

FIT’s Additive Manufacturing centre. Photo via FIT.

The latest in a series of agreements

The partnership between FIT and NIK follows an agreement earlier this year between FIT and US-based construction firm Caterpillar INC, providing it with aluminium 3D printing capabilities. Polish 3D printing company Sinterit also received €1.1 million for a rights issue from FIT earlier this year.

FIT recently purchased five EOS M-400 systems as part of an industrial 3D printing factory geared towards serial production. The facility is based at FIT’s new additive manufacturing center in Lupburg, Germany.

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Featured image shows FIT AG’s Carl Fruth (left), and NIK’s Alexander Korneev (right). Photo via FIT.