Fillamentum adds four new colors to ASA Extrafill filament range

Czech 3D printing filament producer Fillamentum has added four new colors to its ASA Extrafill filament range.

Three of the new additions are inspired by the upcoming spring season, namely ‘Dijon Mustard’, ‘Vivid Pink’, and ‘Snow White’, while the company’s popular ‘Vertigo Grey’ color option has been added to the ASA range in light of Fillamentum’s seventh birthday. 

The company’s ASA Extrafill filament is now available in a total of 14 color options.

ASA Extrafill Dijon Mustard. Photo via Fillamentum.
ASA Extrafill Dijon Mustard. Photo via Fillamentum.

Fillamentum’s ASA Extrafill filament

Developed as an alternative to ABS, ASA is a styrenic polymer designed for 3D printed functional prototyping and outdoor applications, due to its high UV stability and resistance to long-term heat exposure. 

In terms of its properties, ASA Extrafill features a higher tensile strength (40 MPa) than Fillamentum’s ABS Extrafill filament (32 MPa), and a 35 percent elongation at break compared to the latter’s 20 percent. ASA Extrafill’s ability to withstand heat and UV light exposure also leads to a low level of yellowing in printed parts.

The filament can undergo 3D printing processes at working temperatures between 240-255 degrees celsius, with the hot bed temperature recommended to be set between 80-105 degrees celsius. For stronger parts, and to prevent improper layer bonding and warping, Fillamentum recommends users not deploy cooling for standard objects printed with ASA.

Featuring properties such as low moisture absorption, impact resistance, and chemical resistance against alkalis, alcohols, oils, greases, ozone, and water, ASA Extrafill is safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment. The filament is also recyclable, in line with the company’s drive to reduce its environmental footprint on the planet. 

Plant pot printed in ASA Extrafill Vivid Pink. Photo via Fillamentum.
Plant pot printed in ASA Extrafill Vivid Pink. Photo via Fillamentum.

3D printing with ASA Extrafill

Fillamentum’s ASA Extrafill filament has been deployed by aircraft manufacturer Future Vehicles to produce easily and quickly 3D print prototypes to test the functionality and compatibility of parts. 

ASA Extrafill was used to print a prototype plastic cover designed to improve the ergonomics of an aircraft’s interior, with the company noting the material’s suitability for producing components that could be “placed in the aircraft permanently”. 

The four new color options in the ASA Extrafill range are produced in diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and are now available for purchase on Fillamentum’s website.

ASA Extrafill Snow White. Photo via Fillamentum.
ASA Extrafill Snow White. Photo via Fillamentum.

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Featured image shows plant pot printed in ASA Extrafill Dijon Mustard. Photo via Fillamentum.