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FELIXprinters releases two large-format FFF/FDM printers, technical specifications and pricing

FELIXprinters, a Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer, has launched two large-format FDM/FFF printers.

Guillaume Feliksdal, Founder and Director of FELIXprinter said, “Our users have been telling us that they need options to create bigger parts, but without compromising on quality […] However, delivering on this is not just a case of scaling up the architecture of our Pro 3D printers.”

The FELIX Pro L and XL. Image via FELIXprinters.
The FELIX Pro L and XL. Image via FELIXprinters.

Minimalist 3D printer

FELIXprinters was founded in 2011 by Guillaume Feliksdal and his father Wilgo Feliksdal, a mechanical engineer. The duo launched their first 3D printer called Felix 1.0. To fulfill the orders for it, initially, Guillaume and his father operated out of two rooms, each with seven Felix 1.0 printers which replicated themselves. And once the duo had enough funds, they outsourced the production of the parts, which are now made using injection molding.

The design philosophy behind FELIX is to keep the printers minimalist and up-gradable. The minimalism of the design ensures that the 3D printer is easier and faster to assemble, especially for new users. Moreover, FELIX’s customers can upgrade their printer with a kit for added functionality, instead of buying a whole new 3D printer.

In recent years, FELIX has released several models 3D printers which include the FELIX TEC range and Felix Pro 2, which has been popular with our readers.

The FELIX Pro 3 3D printer. Photo via FELIXprinters.
The FELIX Pro 3 3D printer. Photo via FELIXprinters.

Sizing it up

The build size of 3D printers is a hindrance to large volume production and sizable prototyping. To counter this, many manufacturers have introduced large format 3D printers including BigRep,  MASSIVIT and Modix.

Both FELIX printers, boasting a massive 48 Liter and 144 Liter (Pro), are the new competitors in the large-format 3D printing market which can be used for industrial design and prototyping.

Guillaume Feliksdal added, “With the Pro L and XL, we have used all of our experience in precision engineering to develop what we believe is a great new offering to the market that ensures FELIXprinters’ commitment to robust and reliable 3D printers is manifested in these large scale systems, while making it possible for them to quickly and easily benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing, without the hassle,”

These bigger machines can fit seamlessly into any workshop, lab or factory environment because they can fit through a standard doorway, to make the logistics of installation quick and simple too.”

The Pro L and XL are also fitted with smart functions such as the power failure detection for print restoration, and both printers have a 7 inch touch screen.

The FELIX Pro L 3D printer. Image via FELIXprinters.
The FELIX Pro L 3D printer. Image via FELIXprinters.

Technical specifications

Pro L

Build size (LWH): 300 x 400 x 400 mm

Build volume: 48 Liter / 12.7 Gallon

Physical dimensions (LWH): 600 x 666 x 776 mm

Total weight of the printer: approx. 55 kg

Pro XL

Build size (LWH): 600 x 400 x 600 mm

Build volume: 144 Liter

Physical dimensions (LWH): 906 x 666 x 966 mm

Total weight: approx. 65 kg

Both printers will be officially launched on February 19. Prices of the Pro L and XL start from €6,950. Interested customers can find more about pricing on this page.

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Featured image shows the FELIX Pro L and XL. Image via FELIXprinters.