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Modix Extra Large X120 3D Printer, technical specifications and pricing

Tel Aviv-based 3D printer self-assembly kit maker Modix has released its Extra Large X120 3D Printer.

The Extra Large X120 is available to pre-order for $6000. Instead of buying the new printer, customers can also buy a modular upgrade to X120’s predecessor the Big-60 for $2500.

The printer can be assembled using Modix’s assembly manual and video instructions with free technical support. 

Modix will be exhibiting the 120X at this year’s TCT Birmingham (25-27 September). Interested individuals can satisfy their curiosity at Stand E21, where the new release will be displayed.

The company’s founder and CEO, Shachar Gafni, said, “the Extra Large 120X advances our strategy of building large, high quality modular 3D printers […] This latest release confirms Modix’s dedication to building affordable, innovative, and heavy duty 3D printing solutions for designers, artists and engineers.”

Modix Big-60 (Left) and Modix Extra Large X120 (Right). Image via Modix
Modix Big-60 (Left) and Modix Extra Large X120 (Right). Image via Modix

Technical specifications

Build size: 120 x 60 x 60 cm

3D Printing Technology: FFF/FDM

Print bed: Alcoa Mic6. AC powered bed heater 1600W with two heating zones

Supported filament materials: most filaments including PLA, ABS, PLA composites (Carbon fiber, Wood, Copper, Brass, Magnetic), PHA, PVA , Hips, Nylon, TPE & TPU (FleX) Co-Polyester, PETG

Supported filament diameter: 1.75 mm with an option to convert the extruder and the hotend to 2.85 mm

Extruder: E3D Titan extruder (single or dual)

Software: Open source Marlin firmware. Firmware is installed on an Arduino based controller from Makerbase, MKS Gen 1.4

Modix Big-60 self-assembly 3D printer kit

The previous model of Modix Extra Large X120, the Big-60, has received positive feedback from 3D printing companies across Europe. These companies include:

A+A Schoenmaker, a Netherlands-based shoemaking tools company, uses the Big-60 to print shoe lasts, small and large prototypes and jigs for its machines

JVS 3D, a product developer in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. Jaap Vis, the owner of JVS 3D, said, “The printer already running for days and days 24/7. So far without any problem […] “we have made our own acrylic enclosure covering the entire machine.”

– F3DP (Holešov, Czech Republic) 3D printing services provider

JSC 3D Creative, a Lithuanian company specializing in plastic and sand 3D printing

A+A Schoenmakers' last. 3D printed using Modix Big-60. Image via Modix
A+A Schoenmakers’ last. 3D printed using Modix Big-60. Image via Modix

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Featured image shows a 3D printed shooting cannon made with Modix Big-60. Image via Modix