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FARO® releases SCENE Version 6.1

Just about four months ago, we reported that FARO, the Florida-based solution provider for 3D measurement technology, released high-resolution 3D ScanArm for reverse engineering and CAD-based design applications.

On September 8th, the company has stepped further in 3D scanning. They announced the release of SCENE 6.1, the next generation of its powerful software for efficiently processing and managing 3D laser scan data.

For modeling freeform shapes such as statues, equipment, industrial components and buildings, SCENE 6.1 offers a fully integrated meshing tool, eliminating the need for customers to utilize third party software for such deliverables. Watertight 3D meshes can be calculated, viewed and exported in various standard formats such as .STL, .OBJ, .PLY and .WRL (VRML).

In addition to a streamlined workflow and reduced software costs, stakeholders such as; product designers, architects, engineers and construction specialists benefit by being able to mesh scan data in a single software platform. The software could be the tool for users who do not own a CAD system with native point cloud support and those with 3D-Scan-to-Print applications, such as printing historical artifacts or fabricating scaled models of complex infrastructure.

Image: FARO
Image: FARO

The newly enhanced SCENE 6.1 user interface provides 3D scanning functionalities with an integrated tool allowing full automation of the processing of target-based scan projects. Added verification steps allow users to confirm if a scan registration result is contextually correct, adding an additional level of confidence to their data quality. Also, newly printable registration reports in PDF-format now permit easy project documentation and monitoring.

Scan-to-mesh workflows, target-based registration and the use of survey control has never been as intuitive and simple as with SCENE 6.1. Thanks to the integration of SCENE’s groundbreaking workflow driven user interface, our customers can now process their scan data in an even faster, more reliable and cost-efficient way.” (Joe Arezone, FARO’s Chief Commercial Officer)

Overall, the productivity improvements in SCENE 6.1 include faster scan processing and a new noise reduction technique reduces user effort for higher quality and faster data evaluation. In addition, the new multi-layer overview map functionality gives construction BIM-CIM professionals the ability to view scan projects by individual building levels.

Feature Image: FARO