3D Printing

Fancy a Quickie? The Latest Design Challenge from Shapeways is Short & Sweet

Shapeways seems to be seriously ramping up its marketing activities of late — even more so than usual and right across the board. I think Savannah might have quite a bit to do with that. And this week it all seems to be about creating mystery — it’s not a bad tactic, as marketing tactics go. The latest from the company is a ‘Pendant Design Challenge’ focusing on 3D print designs in “precious metals” — specifically sterling silver, gold plated brass and “a new mystery metal” that the firm is set to launch imminently.

The thing is, this challenge — to design (or submit an existing design maybe) a pendant suitable for women to wear —  is only open for a few days. Launched yesterday, it closes at midnight (PST) this coming Sunday (18th August). I’m not a designer, and have never pretended to be, but I know enough of them to know that decent designs take time and thought, and lots of and lots of iterations usually. So I am left wondering what Shapeways are looking to achieve with this one, particularly when it is at the metal end of the market?

Anyway, if you are a jewellery designer and you do fancy taking part, full entry criteria and T&Cs can be found here.

Image credit: Feature image shows a 3D printed Cellular Pendant by Nervous System. And I don’t imagine that beauty was conceived in a couple of days, but I’ve been wrong before.